Technological advancement has simplified countless online activities, and there are many to be conquered. In this regard, we can also name those who are active in the tourism sector and have access to very powerful Travitude software. Here you will find all the important details and see what advantages are worth taking advantage of. You may be interested in the price of travel agency software right now.


Most of the day-to-day operations can be simplified with this software so that tour operators using Travitude have only one thing to gain. In short, this assumes that a single search engine provides access to multiple industry providers and their services.

The software is easy to install so no one has to cause headaches. Everything is as simple as possible and implementation only requires four simple steps. Therefore, we remind you to make the first adjustments, which will not take more than a few minutes. The desired providers are then selected from a generous list that is integrated into the search engine. Then the desired payment methods are selected and freedom is total for each customer. In the last phase, branding is developed in such a way that each travel agency can enjoy its own image.

Travitude offers many advantages, starting with the fact that the offers of the providers available in the search engine are updated automatically. These can be fully recognized or some offers can be redesigned from scratch to specifically suit your customer’s preferences. They tend to prefer the packages available, but there are also those who want to configure everything themselves so that they can choose what they want at will, starting with specific vehicles, homes or different services. and not only. They can be accessed through the same search engine and everything is linked via XML / API for maximum efficiency.

In this way, users have real-time access to the latest offers, which are automatically updated based on the intervention of providers. This means that there is less effort for tour operators, but there is also a lot to be gained for customers. You can find everything you are looking for in just a few clicks and enjoy the ideal conditions when you want to travel. Choose the Travitude software and take advantage of all its advantages!